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I've been Burgled what can I do?
I've been Burgled what can I do?

Unfortunately in my line of work I go to many burglary's, the vast majority of burglary's are not personal but when it happens to you it can feel very personal. Here are some tips to make you feel secure after a burglary. 

1. Thieves use twitter and Facebook, don't broadcast your holiday or trip away.

2. If you are going away for a few weeks make sure your lawn is mowed and lights are run on random timers. E.g one light on one day two on the next day, this will give the impression somebody is home. Not only lights but a radio can also be set to turn on.

3. If possible get a neighbor to close your curtains in the evening and open them in the morning.

4. NEVER leave keys hidden outside, if you need to leave keys make sure they are secured in a key safe fitted in a discrete location.

5. Alarms are a great deterrent for burglars, even a fake siren box fitted to the outside of your house can help and is very cost effective.

6. Gravel drive ways can be great you can hear people walking down the even when in bed, thieves don't like to be heard.

7. Stand alone door or window alarms are a great way of alerting you to a window or door being opened. They are not very expensive and work very well.

8. Outside lighting is a must lights that work of sensors will alert you, passers by or your neighbors always check bulbs are working on a regular basis.

If you have been a victim of a burglary try not to worry, by following the simple cost effective steps above you vastly improve your chances of not falling victim to a burglary in future

If you have any questions or concerns please contact your local police station they will be happy to help, like wise if there is anything I can help with please contact me.


If you have any tips or stories of your own please comment below.

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I have gone through your entire article but I didn't understand the meaning of your content. Since I don’t have much knowledge in this area, I think I need more clarifications on the topic. If possible please include additional information.

Nowadays burglary is very common. I think this piece of information will be helpful to all to get some tips to become comfortable and feel secure after a burglary. Thank you for providing this information. Expecting more useful blogs like this.

Avatar  Manoj Sharma last weekReply

When We have been Burgled what we want to do? thats the bigest problem, by your knowledge and step it will become esay for us.

Avatar  Shanaya Oberoi last weekReply

Giving a knowledge about what can we do when we have been Burgled.

Avatar  Amanda Cerny last weekReply

Thanks For Sharing the information and knowledge what can I do when I've been Burgled.

Avatar  Amanda Cerny last weekReply

<a href="">Thanks For Sharing the information and knowledge what can I do when I've been Burgled.</a>

Avatar  Amanda Cerny last weekReply

<a href="">Thanks For Sharing the information and knowledge what can I do when I've been Burgled.</a>

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We were out when it happened. Since its happened I just feel like I'm falling apart. We weren't even insured.
I suffer from depression anyway, I was doing ok though. Really had myself together. Now this has happened and its tore me apart.Can anyone help with advice on how to cope with whats happened. I'm in th UK if that makes any difference.

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Ensure that you go outside at different hours in the event that somebody is watching your home. ensure lights and a TV are on around evening time. ensure you gather your mail, daily papers, bundles every day. on the off chance that you seem as though you are at home, nobody will trouble you. thieves don't prefer to keep running into individuals in the houses they are burgling. word related peril kind of thing. unwind a bit, you will be fine

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Very useful post and reasonable pieces of advice. Following them, I think I will manage to avoid plenty of unpleasant situations.

Avatar  Ollie 3 years agoReply

Thanks for your comment Eugenia,

Avatar  Eugenia 3 years agoReply

Great and very important tips that everyone mast be aware of, i just want to emphasis this too that , you really need to secure your home becaouse if you ever had a burglary in your home... you never feel safe again and it's not something you want to experience believe me , put things in place for your peace of mind.

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